Budding scientists

During our last week in Bella Bella we had the opportunity to introduce some students from the local school to our research. We worked with Chris Williamson, one of the high school teachers, to have the Science 10 and Sustainability 12 classes join us in our lab. There we went through our main research ideas and explored some of Anna’s fabulous maps. We then trekked down to the dock and checked on the egg layer density experiment. Hopefully the tupperware and milk crates reinforced the idea that science, and particularly ecology, isn’t all high tech equipment. Creativity goes a long way. Lastly, the students got to get their hands dirty dissecting rockfish. We got them to identify and remove tissues we use for isotope analysis, as well as try their hands at digging for otoliths (ear bones used for aging fish). They all did great and would make fantastic field assistants!!

It was a pleasure to share our research with some youth of the community and encourage them to keep asking questions about their local ecosystem. Hopefully this is the start of a continuing relationship with the school and will lead to many more interactions in the future.

Thanks to all of the students for coming out! We look forward to seeing many of you again next year!

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3 Responses to Budding scientists

  1. Gerald says:

    Nice job Britt! I see that Stefan made an appearance as guest-scientist here. I know you two did a great job, especially with the otolith work.

  2. Shirley Salomon says:

    Wow, what great steps towards capacity building.I loved reading about the ways you involved the students in a “hands-on” projects. Makes me wish I had been there, too…..mucking about with dissecting tools to find otoliths. Surely you must have left the students in your classes with a heightened awareness about fish and, in turn, about issues related to fishing.


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