Spawn Patrol

Things here in Bella Bella have been great for our dive team. Herring have been spawning over the past week and a half, allowing us to set up five different sites to monitor over the coming weeks for egg loss. Today we visited a site further South that was reported to have spawned already, but when we arrived the action was still in full swing! We were able get in close to see herring in the shallows spawning, while taking in the bounty of wildlife around feasting on fish. Our original mission was to dive and set up a few transect lines, but we descended and could hardly see our hands in front of us because of the milt in the water. All hopes of counting anything underwater were immediately deemed lofty. We will return in a few days once the spawn has stopped to set our lines and start surveying.  
There has also been plenty of activity happening in town with the Enbridge hearing. We were lucky to have the day off on Sunday and participate in the protest at the airport. We have been busy on the water and unable to catch any of the hearings over the past couple of days, but locals have been telling us they are going really well.
We will be out once again on a (herring) egg hunt tomorrow, and wish you all a Happy Easter! 
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One Response to Spawn Patrol

  1. twoeyes says:

    finally a revived blog! congrats on getting milted!

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