April 19th, 2012

Great news!! We have finished monitoring five sites around Bella Bella, meaning we dove each of them five times over a two and a half week period. This is a welcome achievement as five sites was originally deemed the minimum requirement for this season. If everything goes smoothly we will have nine sites completed by the time we wrap up in two weeks.

Another exciting achievement was today’s dive tally roll-over to 51 dives since arriving. Thanks to great help and coaching from our in house dive experts, Ryan and Yago, both Margot and myself have become very comfortable and well acquainted with the underwater world. Despite continued sub-surface excitement, we are looking forward to a much-deserved dry day on land tomorrow after a solid 10 days straight of diving.

We changed venues as of yesterday to give us faster access to spawn sites located South of Bella Bella. We are now staying at the Hakai Institute on Calvert Island (, and have been spoiled with amazing staff support and delicious food. We will be here for roughly 10 days before making our way back to Bella Bella to pack our gear and wrap up another successful field season.

Below is a slideshow of time-lapse images caught by one of our GoPro cameras. The Pycnopodia is likely vacuuming up herring roe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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