Now that we’re finished with our northern sites around Bella Bella, we’ve moved to the Hakai Research Institute on Calvert Island. Hakai is proving support for our research at the Southern sites: Kwakume Inlet, Kildidt Sound (SW of Goodlad Bay) and Mustang Bay.

We only have one sampling day left to go for each of these sites, after which we’ll have completed 5 survey dates at all nine sites – quite an accomplishment (and a lot of data for Britt to start entering and analyzing!).

We had help last week; Dr. Anne  Salomon, a principal investigator with the Herring School, and Dr. Scott Wallace from the David Suzuki Foundation.  They collected data on fish and invertebrate abundance at shallow and deep depths at each of our survey sites. This provides additional data on potential herring roe predators at all the sites. They made it to all nine of our sites, and we spent the night at Hakai as we did the rounds of both North and South sites with our captain Carl (Cal).

At Hakai, Wayne has been helping us as our captain for the past couple of excursions. Before this, Rod and Skye came to our rescue in Spitfire Channel, and Eric helped us set up the sites initially. Not only has Hakai allowed for quick access to our Southern sites, but the food here is spoiling us; will it be fresh apple pie, or pavlova for dessert tonight?