Time to “socialize”!

ImageWe are pleased to introduce our Herring School social science researchers that are currently up in beautiful Bella Bella: Alisha Gauvreau (Master’s Candidate, School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU), Jennifer Silver (Assistant Professor, University of Guelph), and Maria Shallard (Incoming Master’s Candidate, University of Guelph).

 Alisha’s been up since early April, working with Jennifer Carpenter at the Heiltsuk Integrated Management Department (HIRMD), and getting to talk to local fishermen and other community members about how the Heiltsuk managed Pacific herring in the past, and how these strategies have evolved over time. Her research focuses on documenting the components of the Heiltsuk management system for Pacific herring, with the aim of informing more active adaptive strategies and governance of resilience within social-ecological systems involving Pacific herring in BCs central coast.

This preliminary research phase has involved exploring Heiltsuk reports and technical documents housed at HIRMD and at the cultural center, as well as conducting some interviews with Heiltsuk community members to better understand the management challenges that the Heiltsuk are facing today.

Alisha’s also been fortunate enough to get out on the water with Clark Housty and our film crew, as well as with Keith Gladstone to hunt for herring throughout the territory.  The next phase of Alisha’s research will involve a series of semi-structured interviews in June 2012 to document how Heiltsuk management strategies for Pacific herring have transformed from pre-contact times until present.

Jennifer and Maria arrived this week, and are looking forward to meeting with community members to discuss research ideas and concerns regarding Pacific herring governance. 

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