The Herring School

The Herring School:
Bringing Together Culture, Ecology, and Governance to Support Sustainability on BC’s Central Coast

We are researchers from the Simon Fraser University interested in understanding the relationships between herring, nearshore ecosystems and the coastal communities that depend on them.  This spring, Anne Salomon, Britt Keeling, Margot Hessing-Lewis and Anna Gerrard (see below) will be conducting several studies in and around Bella Bella to begin to understand the social and ecological causes and consequences of herring declines. We have partnered with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD) and the Gladstone Reconciliation team in the design of this research.

The Crew: Dr. Anne Salomon, Margot Hessing-Lewis (top left-right), Brittany Keeling, Anna Gerrard (bottom left-right)

Specifically, we plan to talk with local people to learn more about where and when herring spawn today and where and when they spawned in the past. We also aim to understand how the number of egg layers and the predators eating roe alter the number of herring eggs that survive and hatch. Finally, we plan to learn more about how the pulse of nutrients that herring bring from the open ocean fuels nearshore kelp forest food webs.

We would like to hear from you! You can find us at Connie’s, or Alvina’s or the HIRMD office. Our research will benefit from your insights and experiences! We welcome your questions and feedback and would like to thank-you for sharing your valuable time, knowledge, and curiosity with us while we join you in your ocean home here in Bella Bella.


3 Responses to The Herring School

  1. Shirley Salomon says:

    To the SFU Team,

    This blog is a brilliant way towards supporting further collaboration and co-management. What a great idea! Thanks for including me on the mailing list.

    I have enjoyed the insights this blog gives me to your research process.

    Needless to say, an an unofficial collaborator/taxi-driver, I was glad to know that all of you and most of your luggage actually arrived safely.


    P.S. Keep me signed up for more off-site action, should you need any.

  2. you’re doing a great job, i would likt to join your team and need an email adresse to send my details

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